Wesley Allen Iron Beds

Hand Crafted in California

Region has selected Wesley Allen iron beds for their beautiful designs and incredible durability. Wesley Allen uses only environmentally friendly finishes and processes, and their manufacturing facility in Los Angeles utilizes one of the largest solar energy systems in Southern California.

Wesley Allen iron beds feature…

• 51 classic bed designs
• Heavy gauge iron construction
• Hand applied finishes
• Lifetime Warranty

Iron Beds

All Wesley Allen iron beds ship free in the contiguous 48 United States.
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Iron Finishes

Wesley Allen’s Exclusive PowerBond™ Finishis without a doubt, the most durable finish available on any bed. Powder paint specifically prepared for your order is electro-statically applied by expert colorists to meet or exceed our highest standards. The bed is then baked in specialty ovens where extremely high temperatures produce a PowerBond finish of superior durability and richness.

Wesley Allen currently offers 3 categories of finishes – Standard, Custom, and Two-Tone. They are all hand-applied, layer upon layer, to create a distinctive look that is yours, and yours alone.

Standard Finishes

Custom Finishes

The custom finishes use more layers and/or texturing to introduce a unique look for each bed.

Two-Tone Finishes

The two-Tone finishes offer a dramatic, elegant treatment when you want your bed to have the extra-special individual touch.

Wesley Allen

Perfecting The Fine Art Of Iron Bed Making – For over a quarter century Wesley Allen iron beds have graced some of the world’s most elegant showcases and bedrooms. Classic craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing come together to deliver the perfect balance of form and function. Each Wesley Allen iron bedoffers its own distinctive look, feel, color and texture making them highly desirable to collectors, decorators and customers alike.

Wesley Allen CraftmanshipWith over 100 original designs available numerous finishes, Wesley Allen iron beds are available in a variety of configurations to blend beautifully into your living environment and lifestyle. With a flawless reputation for quality and style, this collection of fine beds offers a distinctive originality that has earned Wesley Allen its place as one of the finest iron bed manufacturers in the world.